“I always thought I was a messy person but Hiroko help me discover that I can be tidy! She was so patient to go through what it seemed like the endless spark joy check with items I owned sometimes 8 hrs at a time. Now every item I own spark joy and have a permanent location so I can easily put things back to keep my home tidy. 
My home spark joy so much everywhere now! She is my decluttering angel. :)” – Michelle / Queens, NY

“Thank you for your immeasurable contribution to my tidying up journey! You have been such a joy to work with. Through your guidance, I have transformed my room into a beautiful place where I can feel relaxed and where I can begin to pursue more things that make me happy! with all my respect and gratitude.” – Jessica / Brooklyn, NY

“Thank you so much Hiroko!  She is a true professional at tidying up a room and she has a great personality. ” read more >> – MY / NY