Thank you letter for KonMari

Thank you letter for KonMari

April 29, 2020 Uncategorized 0

What is KonMari?

Hiroko, a specialist in tidying up a room with a KonMari certification, told me what KonMari was and offered to tidy up my place, but I was not interested in organizing my place at all at that time. I said ”I’m ok”,  which means “No thanks”.  I had a misunderstanding about KonMari method: I thought Hiroko would say “You should throw them out.”,  “I don’t think you need to keep it.”, etc. My understanding was totally wrong! Now I want to say “Thank you Hiroko. KonMari changed my lifestyle!” Please let me tell you how this happened.

One day in theSummer, I was sitting on the couch and looking around my place. I thought to myself that there were so many things I could get rid of, but how was I going to change it? KonMari?

A few minutes later I contacted Hiroko: ”I’m ready for KonMari.” She briefly explained over the phone how to proceed with it.  On the first day, she came to my place and consulted with me about my ideal room, and then she set up the due date to complete the project.

I always wanted to have a room like a hotel which doesn’t feel like anybody is living in it, and it’s neat and clean and makes me feel relaxed.

We worked together every week and she gave me homework. “By the next time, please organize this part and that part….” I just followed her instructions.  I placed all my clothing onto my bed, and divided it into three bags – “Keep”, “Don’t keep”  and “Donate”. OMG, there was so much clothing.

Every piece of clothing in the drawers had to stand by itself.
   – Do not pile on.
   – Do not tie any socks or tights.
   – Always fold.

When I was puzzled whether I should keep a thing or not, she whispered ”What is your ideal room?” It reminded me of what I wanted to get. 

I threw out a desk, a coffee table, a small cabinet, and a dining table. Now I have so much space and it’s so easy to clean up my room.  

I leaned that we are paying to have a space, not just a place to sleep. Anyone can modify their home. 

Since I did “KonMari”, I don’t have much material desire. I consider if it’s necessary or not to buy things whenever I see them at a store.

   1. Space
   2. My ideal room
   3. Necessity

I feel so much freedom and something has changed in my personality: I can make a decision immediately in so many situations now. 

Thank you so much Hiroko!  She is a true professional at tidying up a room and she has a great personality.

MY /  NY